Go Make a Difference | John Ross Elementary

We have two opportunities this spring to go make a difference and serve our community in Edmond, Oklahoma. Check out these great opportunities we have to serve for the glory of God and the benefit of our community:

Test Monitors

Glenda enjoys volunteering at John Ross Elementary and connecting with teachers, students and parents there.

The school budget was reduced this year, and we have an opportunity to be a blessing to the staff and students. Come volunteer alongside teachers and parents at John Ross Elementary School during state testing weeks:
April 3rd-7th and April 10th-14th from 8:45 AM-12:00 PM.
Anyone over 18 can volunteer to monitor tests. Monitors will have a short training the morning of testing. Sign up here to volunteer.

Emergency Gear Backpacks for Classrooms

In preparation for the upcoming storm season,we  are gathering emergency gear supplies this month for the classrooms at John Ross Elementary. The classrooms need to have backup emergency supplies like water bottles, bandaids, flashlights, etc. Currently, only one-third of the classrooms have these supplies. They store the supplies in emergency backpacks, but there aren’t enough backpacks for each classroom right now.

Please join us in gathering supplies for the emergency backpacks. You can drop these supplies off directly at the John Ross Elementary office during school hours, or bring them to the lobby Sunday morning and drop them off at the Next Steps area.johnrosselementary edmond oklahoma

Here is a list of the supplies and number of that supply still needed:

  • Backpacks – 30
  • Hair ties – 55 packages
  • Sharpie – 55
  • Rain ponchos – 55
  • Emergency mylar blankets – 55
  • Baby wipes – 55 boxes
  • Portable Battery Chargers – 55
  • 2 D Batteries – 55 packages
  • Cold packs – 55
  • Water bottles – 110 (not empty, but cases of water to equal 100 bottles)
  • Flashlights with batteries – 30
  • Small first aid kits – 30
  • Kleenexes – 30 small
  • Band-aids – 30 boxes
  • Sanitizing wipes – 30 boxes
  • Orange vests – 30
  • Hand Towels – 30
  • Mechanical pencils – 30
  • Ink pens – 30
  • Spiral notebooks – 30
  • Green folders – 30
  • Red folders – 30
  • Vinyl Examination Gloves (latex free) – 6 boxes of 100

If you have any additional questions about becoming a test monitor or donating emergency supplies, please email connect@redemptionokc.com for more information.