30 DAYS OF PRAYER | DAY 17 – Praying that Jesus Would Build His Church


“You only get to launch a church once.”

I’m not sure who first said this, but it is a statement that I’ve heard enough times from Pastor Jeff to take notice. And January 12th, we will officially take this step to plant Redemption Church as a new church to serve the Edmond and Oklahoma City area. We will launch Redemption Church once.

Several questions come to mind, as I consider what God might do through Redemption Church:

  • What stories of redemption will be made among the people of this church?
  • How many people in this City would be reached, simply because we were faithful to press into the lives of those around us- at the soccer fields, in the study halls, at the gym, and wherever else we find ourselves?
  • How far will the grace of God be extended through us to plant other churches, to serve those around us, for the glory of God and the good of our world?

Planting a new church is a really big deal. Because of this church, people who thought no one cared, will be cared for, for the first time. Because of this church, people who have never known what it means to be forgiven and receive grace from others will experience those very things, for the first time. And because of this church, people who have never heard the gospel will hear it and have a chance to respond, for the first time.

There’s a lot of weight that is felt in this, and primarily expressed in one question: what if we make a mistake?

And yet I’m reminded that we are not the ones that build this church; I’m reminded that Jesus builds His church (Mt. 16:18). We are simply called to be faithful to the work He has called us to and to trust Him with the results.

Would you pray with us, for the launch of Redemption Church?


Lord, would there be many stories of redemption in our church because of what you are doing in and through us? Would you give us an extra measure of boldness, courage, and conviction to engage in the lives of those around us so that the lost might be saved? Would you enlarge our hearts to care for those around us, and for those that are worlds apart from us? Would you extend the gospel through Redemption Church to plant many new churches? Jesus, would you build your church?

This post was written by Chris Gray, Associate Pastor at Redemption Church.

–January 12th is a very big day for Redemption Church! Thank you for praying with us! For more information about the launch of Redemption Church and how you can pray for us, please click here.