Church Center App

Track with all things Redemption by downloading the Church Center App. Sign-up for workshops, check your kids in early, set up giving, etc.

How to get started with the Church Center App.

Here is where it can be downloaded:  iOS or Android    

church center app logoapple store       google store

Once you download the app and open it, you will be asked to find your church.

Search for Redemption Church and look for our logo.

You can also go to: from a laptop or desktop to view all this information.


When giving through the Church Center App, you can give via bank account (ACH) or by credit/debit card. The church is charged a processing fee for all online giving, but the fee for ACH giving is significantly less than giving by credit/debit card. Initial set up for ACH takes a few more steps, but it's a one-time setup and in the end, more of your money goes to the church.


If you have any questions or problems getting started, please let us know.