So ... what is Redemption about?

Everyone has a story to tell. This is ours. We'd love to share stories in person, but until then, watch and read below. 


How It All Began ...

In the Fall and Winter of 2011, God stirred Pastor Jeff’s heart with a growing vision for new church called Redemption. As he prayed with his wife, Nan, to seek God’s direction, the doors opened for them to launch a new church for the Edmond and Oklahoma City area. What began as an idea, a name, and weak attempt at a logo sketch, soon become something more.

It started in a living room.

We began in a living room with a handful of people who were willing to take a risky step of faith. We didn’t know exactly where it would lead us. We didn’t know if our new church would make it, but we were willing to take a step of faith.

In 2013, more people began to rally around this dream, a leadership team emerged, and new family came together. We prayed together, prepared together, learned together, laughed together, and served together.


At a school in 2014 ...

Our Sunday morning launch at John Ross Elementary took place on August 17, 2014. It was a fantastic day of celebration. While the gathering of the church on Sunday is a wonderful and important part of our church life, there is more to church than a once-a-week gathering. Redemption Groups meet in homes during the week to study the Bible and share life together, and our people scatter to live on mission throughout our city and world.

... to another school in 2017

In July of 2017, we moved to Cheyenne Middle School. We love our Edmond schools and the opportunity to connect with our community and to serve our city. We are grateful for this partnership. We won’t always meet in a school and are beginning to pray and plan about a future home base for our church, but we are enjoying the season we are in.


Our Redemption Vision

These are the big brushstrokes of our vision. You won’t get lots of detail here, but we hope you at least get a sense of what we care about and how we seek to live passionately for those things. Here is our original church vision video from year one. We still believe in this vision. While the big picture vision and mission stay the same, some of the nuances or details of our strategy will change as we discover more effective ways of doing what God calls us to do. Gospel mission always drives our methodology.

Our Beliefs

We are a church where people from many backgrounds come together. Some of us grew up in church, and some of us did not. If you are not yet sure of what you believe, you are certainly invited to walk alongside us as you explore what faith in Jesus is all about. As a church family, we have placed our faith in Jesus, and we are on a journey to follow him wherever he wants us to go.

We unite ourselves with millions of Christians throughout the world and throughout history in affirming these historic doctrinal confessions: The Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

We hope these concise statements provide a clear articulation of the beliefs that ground and guide our church. Our goal is that the people of Redemption Church would hold these doctrines in boldness and kindness, strength and humility, truth and love.

Want to learn more about our beliefs?

Behind our story, vision, and the team that helps get us where God wants us to go, are the beliefs that guide us. There is a lot to learn from the Bible in this regard and no way we can spell it out all right here. If you have a additional questions, we’d encourage you to sign up for lunch with a pastor for further conversation.

Our Leadership Team

Every church has a story, vision, and beliefs. These are the people that help guide our journey so we stay on-mission.

Jeff Lawrence<p>Lead
Jeff Lawrence


Jeff Lawrence

Lead Pastor | Elder                   


Tammy Regier

Administrative Assistant 

Chris Clark<p>Worship & Arts
Chris Clark

Worship & Arts

Chris Clark

Pastor of Worship and Communications | Elder


Audra Swindell 

Ministry Coordinator 


David Cole

Lay Elder                                            


Cameron Turner 

Lay Elder 


Chase Ifland

Community Coordinator