So ... what is Redemption about?

Our Redemption Vision

Our vision is to help every day people wake up to deep meaningful life in Christ through worship gatherings, missional living, and discipleship.

Our Beliefs

We are a church where people from many backgrounds come together. Some of us grew up in church, and some of us did not. If you are not yet sure of what you believe, you are certainly invited to walk alongside us as you explore what faith in Jesus is all about. As a church family, we have placed our faith in Jesus, and we are on a journey to follow him wherever he wants us to go.

We unite ourselves with millions of Christians throughout the world and throughout history in affirming these historic doctrinal confessions: The Apostles’ Creed and The Nicene Creed.

We hope these concise statements provide a clear articulation of the beliefs that ground and guide our church. Our goal is that the people of Redemption Church would hold these doctrines in boldness and kindness, strength and humility, truth and love.

Our Leadership Team

Every church has a story, vision, and beliefs. These are the people that help guide our journey so we stay on-mission.


Jeff Lawrence

Lead Pastor | Elder   


Chace Ifland

Minister of Community and Connection


Chris Clark

Worship Pastor | Elder 


Audra Swindell 

Minister of Equipping and Women 


Allison Holmes 

Director of Kids Ministry  


Caleb Holmes 

Director of Student Ministry  

Our Elders


Jeff Lawrence

Staff Elder                   


Chris Clark

Staff Elder


David Cole

Lay Elder                                            


Cameron Turner 

Lay Elder 

Our Deacons

Alexis 1024x1024

Alexis Chanthavisouk

Greeter & Social Media  

Cheryl Lange 1024x1024

Cheryl Lange 


scott townley 1024x1024

Scott Townley 

Parking & Greeting

Erin Coursey 1024x1024

Erin Coursey 


Duane Lawrence 1024x1024

Duane Lawrence


Rachael Weber 1920x1920

Rachael Weber


Paul Farrell 1024x1024

Paul Farrell 

Worship & Men

Kerry Moore 1024x1024

Kerry Moore


Michelle Barton Frias 1024x1024

Michelle Barton-Frias

Prayer & Care

Jesse Swindell 1024x1024

Jesse Swindell