Exodus (1)

As a preacher, I always enjoy kicking off a new series. As we venture into Exodus, I wanted to offer a few observations on our Exodus series graphic, which I was excited about sharing. I can’t wait to see how God uses this series to keep us in awe of his holiness and mercy.

5  Things I Love about Our Exodus Sermon Series Graphic

  1. Movement – It’s alive with the activity of God. Motion is everywhere.
  2. Scope – It feels big. Something grand and magnificent is taking place, something bigger than us.
  3. Light – Light surrounds Moses. With the great movement and scope of the image, the divine light of God shines upon Moses.
  4. Smallness – Moses is pictured here small and frail with a simple staff. The instrument that God used mightily to free the Israelites is but a man like every other. Clearly, God, not Moses, is the hero of this story.
  5. Blood – The painted red panels remind us of the lamb’s blood that was shed for the salvation of each home who by faith applied it to the doorposts of their houses during the plagues of Egypt. This also foreshadows for us the blood of Jesus that was shed for the salvation of all who believe and embrace Christ’s death as the means of salvation.

We hope you will join us this Sunday, as we study this great book together. You can read more about our series, on our series description post. If you want to keep up with sermons, be sure to follow or subscribe to our podcast at the link below.

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Graphic Artist: Jesse Owen – thanks for your work, Jesse!