A Call to Fast – Fasting Resources

Let’s seek God together! We are calling our church to a day of fasting and prayer. For those who can participate with us, we will begin at Noon on Thursday, the 21st and end at Noon on Friday, the 22nd. If that does not work with your schedule, please consider fasting and praying with us for a portion of that time or carving out another time this week that does work.

“Fasting is markedly counter-cultural in our consumerist society, like abstaining from sex until marriage.” -David Mathis

“We fast from what we can see and taste, because we have tasted and seen the goodness of the invisible and infinite God — and are desperately hungry for more of him.” – David Mathis

For some, thinking about this biblical and spiritual discipline may be new. We want to pass along some resources to help you in your study and (hopefully) to help you in your own attempts at fasting. Like any new discipline, this will not come naturally. It will take practice. That’s normal. We trust that over time you will come to value it in your relationship with God.

For past sermons on prayer and fasting, visit our sermons page or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes. (search for sermons called “Hunger for God” and “Adventures in Missing the Point“)

The following are generally arranged from easiest to hardest (or maybe it’s better to think of it as shortest time investment to longest). Though Scripture is the only completely reliable guide for our lives, we hope these supplemental resources will prove helpful to you as well.

“Fasting for Beginners” – Article by David Mathis
A short, helpful, practical guide for those who new to fasting.

“Why Do Christians Fast?” – Interview with John Piper
A 12 minute audio clip of Pastor John Piper talking about fasting.

A Celebration of Discipline – Book by Richard Foster
While we might differ on some matters, this book on the spiritual life from the contemplative tradition includes a helpful chapter on fasting.

A Hunger for God – Book by John Piper
A wonderful exploration of the Bible’s teaching about fasting to shape your heart and life.