A Snowy Sabbath Resource List – Feb. 14, 2021

First, watch the four-minute video above, then see the list of resources below.

Sabbath wasn’t our idea — it was God’s idea. In fact, one of the ten commandments spoke about our need to set aside a day without work and productivity. But it wasn’t just a “day off.”  It was a day focused on the Lord. He called it a holy day.

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work…” – Exodus 20:8-10

Sabbath was created to force us to hit pause on the normal noise of life and rest in God’s care. This is an important spiritual discipline. It is a way to remind ourselves that all of life does not depend on us, our well-being does not hinge on our ability to keep working, keep earning, keep achieving, keep worrying, keep doing. In fact, our spiritual, physical and emotional health demands that we rest.

The particular kind of rest we are talking about — Sabbath rest— is actually a theological conviction that acknowledges that there is a God, and I am not him. He is my Creator, and I am a creature. He is immortal, but I am mortal. Because my trust is in the Lord, I am free to stop pretending that everything depends on me.

Sunday Morning Stream – A previously recorded sermon (Psalm 23) and songs. 

  • One hour of family-friendly worship through song and preaching.

Equipped Podcast Episode 1 – “How Can I Trust the Bible?” with Chace Ifland.

  • 12 minutes of family-friendly audio content that will spark great conversation.

Equipped Podcast Episode 2 – “Evidence for God” with Chace Ifland. 

  • 12 minutes of family-friendly audio content that will spark great conversation.

Equip Workshop – “Faith Questions and Culture” with Audra Swindell.

  • One hour and thirty minutes of content aimed toward 12 and up.

Leadership Equipping Workshop – “How to Share Our Personal Stories” (Worship Pastor, Chris Clark shares his personal story).

  • Two hours of content aimed toward adults (pg-13 for mention of drugs and sex).