Back to School Prayer

Back-to-school time is both an exciting and stressful time for most families. As we’ve seen in our Sermon on the Mount series, we have a good Father in heaven who wants us to bring our worries, needs, joys, and all things to him in prayer. As students prepare to go back to school this month, here are some ways you can be praying intentionally.

For students

  • Pray that students would have their nerves calmed as they go back to school.
  • Pray that students would work hard and excel in school.
  • Pray that students would develop life-giving relationships with other students.
  • Pray that students would grow as followers of Jesus or decide to follow Jesus for the first time.
  • Pray that students would be salt and light in their schools and amongst their friends.
  • Pray that students would remain healthy and be safe at their schools.
  • Pray that students would obey their parents and maintain strong relationships with them.

For parents

  • Pray that parents would know the peace of Christ as they send their kids back to school.
  • Pray that parents would have the strength to help and encourage their students when needed.
  • Pray that parents would continue to develop deep, loving relationships with their kids or see restoration for relationships that have been strained.
  • Pray that parents would lead and love with humility and grace as they seek to cultivate their child’s character and wisdom.
  • Pray that parents would grow as followers of Jesus.

For teachers

  • Pray that teachers would have the strength, patience, and love needed to teach their students well.
  • Pray that teachers would be able to pass on their knowledge to their students.
  • Pray that teachers would be encouraged by parents, school staff, and fellow teachers.
  • Pray that teachers would remain healthy and be safe.
  • Pray for opportunities to serve your teachers and show them the love of Christ.