“I chased every worldly pleasure there was. I thought ‘this’ was going to be the one to fill the emptiness…I always did. And it would work!..maybe for a month or two. It might be sports, it might be fun, it might be pleasure, and it would work…for a little bit. Then I would be sitting in my room saying, “man, I feel so empty again”…and I just ran, and ran, and ran, until one day I cried out in a basement, “God, I’m tired. I can’t do it. I’m done running. Save me……”

Would you like to learn more about Baptism?

  1. Download the Baptism Booklet –
  2. Pray and read through the booklet.
  3. If you are a parent with a child who is interested in baptism, please see the section called “Talking With Your Child About Baptism” before continuing.
  4. Complete/Submit Baptism Sign Up Form and Redemption Story (in the booklet)
  5. Schedule a time to share your redemption story with a pastor (contact Pastor Chris Gray at
  6. Schedule a time to be baptized (contact Pastor Chris Gray at