RSM Summer Camp | 2018


Summer is coming and school is winding down! That means vacations, swimming pools, and RSM SUMMER CAMP! Student camp is simultaneously the most important and least important event a student ministry can do from year to year. Camp is the least important because it happens only once a year and we know that Jesus has invited us into a daily relationship with him that extends far beyond just one week a year. However, camp can serve the life of a student ministry in so many ways. For one, gospel relationships are forged at camp in ways that are unparalleled by any other time throughout the year. Students literally spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with one another. They share experiences, meals, worship, and discussion. A friendship that usually takes months to build can be built in a matter of a few days at camp.

Camp is also a vital time period in a student’s life as they are immersed in worship, teaching, and discussion oriented around Jesus and Gospel-centered application. This creates space for students to engage with Jesus and process what the Holy Spirit is doing in their life. Finally, students are led at camp by adults who are further down the road in their spiritual journey. This provides an opportunity for students to get a glimpse of what discipleship looks like. Not every student will leave camp and step into a discipleship relationship with their small group leader; however, our prayer is that they experience what that relationship may look like and upon arriving home they would seek that out. It makes so much sense for camp to be the most important and least important part of the life of a student ministry-it is well worth the time and investment.

This year, our students will be attending Student Life Camp on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). Student Life has been around for decades, and their number one goal is to bring God glory through supporting local student ministries in the local church by providing a Gospel-centered experience for students.  We trust Student Life to provide a safe experience, Gospel-centered worship and preaching, and an all around fun time for our students. This year, because Student Life is on the campus of UCO, we will bring adults from Redemption Church to serve and help cultivate the vision of discipleship within our own ministry.

Space is limited, and we want to bring as many students as possible. The quicker we secure student sign-ups, the more students we can take.