What’s one thing that has been harder than you anticipated in your journey as a couple? Dating

“You know, you say I do, you get married, but it’s still a struggle. All the baggage you had before doesn’t just drop at the alter….I think there was a part of me that believed, or wanted to believe, that once we stood up in front of a group of people and said, “I do,” all the guilt and shame that I had been carrying would just disappear…and that was definitely not the reality that I experienced.” – Emery

“I thought at the “I do” the spiritual life would be an easy thing to fall into. We were both believers, now this big problem we were having (crossing physical boundaries) was gone, so it ought to be easy to pray and read and encourage one another…and to this day it’s one the harder things for us to do….” – Chris

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This story was captured as a part of a sermon series called “Family Matters”.
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