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Christmas Eve Invite 2016 from Redemption Church on Vimeo.

img_3243The Christmas Season is one of the best opportunities we have to invite friends, family, and neighbors to church. We will have two Christmas Eve services, 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Both will be one hour long and will include candlelight, familiar Christmas music and a short message about Christ, our coming King. The doors will open thirty minutes in advance for each service and child care will be provided for ages birth through three years.

There has never been a time that we have felt more convinced about the significance of the message of Christmas: God became man. A king came not to be served, but to serve others. What kind of king leaves his throne to become a servant? Jesus did! This is news worth sharing. Will you help us?

Here are three ways:

1) Attend One Serve One

There are many ways you can make a difference for someone this Christmas. We have all kinds of volunteer roles* from setup to greeting to child care to helping with candles. We are asking everyone who calls Redemption Church home to make plans to attend one of our Christmas Eve services and serve during one. You can sign up here, or visit our Next Steps area on Sunday’s at John Ross Elementary. Volunteer roles* will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

2) Invite

We were all invited to hear about the love of God at some point right? Romans 10:14 says, “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” We have put together some simple tools for you to invite your friends, family, and neighbors who may not have a church home to join us this Christmas and hear the good news about Jesus. Who will you invite?

3) Share

Social media is one of the most effective front doors as we have as a church. Thousands of people in our region are able to see an entry into our church through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Would you help us keep this front door wide open during this season by sharing our posts and links to resources?

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Let’s serve and give so that others may live this Christmas.