Community | Redemption Groups

An invitation to community.

We want to connect you to a Redemption Group so you can learn, laugh, challenge, struggle, pray, serve and share life with one another. We all have a common need for growth, support, and community. Who is your community, your support system, your 3:00 AM friends you can call when things go wrong? Who do you celebrate life with? Pray with? Serve with? Are you known by others and know others?

We want you to benefit from a shared life with others in community. We have new groups open this fall, and they are located throughout the city and on different nights of the week. Check out the map and list here, and find a community to share life with. If you’d like to connect over coffee or a phone call to get help with the next steps towards community, email me at or call us at 405-285-8146.

-Pastor Chris Gray