Equip Night | January 10th, 2021



Our vision at Redemption is to help everyday people wake up to deep, meaningful life in Christ. This year has uncovered some really big gaps in each one of us personally as well in our wider culture.  We want to give you tools for how to think about those gaps–both personally and as a part of our culture.  The way we do that is by asking questions.  We have always been intentional about creating a place where asking good questions–even big questions like “why do we do things this way?” or “why does our culture say things should be like this?” is encouraged. This Equip Night took place on, January 10th.  We talked about these very things–how what we believe intersects with how the world operates, how our culture operates, and ask good questions of our Bibles and our faith for these answers. Watch the full discussion by clicking on the video above.

Follow-up Questionnaire