Equip Night – Teamwork

Our vision at Redemption is to help everyday people wake up to deep, meaningful life in Christ. In Romans 12, Paul tells us that every Christian has a gift and that we should use our gifts within the context of community. That’s huge! This means that we all have something to bring to our church. Understanding this moves us from consumers of church to participators in the church.

Our next Equip Night will focus on teamwork within the church. We will look at teamwork through a Biblical lens and explore how each person in our church is like a body part that forms the whole body. Each part of the body, even the parts that seem insignificant, must work together for the body to function properly.  It’s the same thing with the church. This challenges the typical American mindset of every man or woman for themselves, and actually calls us into something much greater because you have an indispensable role to play in our church. Part of experiencing deep, meaningful life in Christ is using your gifts in a healthy way on a team in our church.

So join us on May 2nd as we study the Scriptures and work out the practical implications of teamwork in the local church. Equip Nights take place at Cheyenne from 6:00 – 7:30 PM and are open to anyone looking to grow in their faith. Mark your calendars and Sign up on our website or the Church Center app today!