Equipped Podcast

The heart behind the Equipped podcast is to share resources, conversations, and topics aimed at equipping believers and seekers toward maturity in Christ.



"Practice and Habit of Bible Reading | 6 Tips"

In this episode, Chris Clark and Chace Ifland discuss the practice and habit of Bible reading. Chace gives six tips to help stay engaged with reading the Bible.

"A Call to Making Disciples - Part 2"

"A Call to Making Disciples - Part 1"

Another term for making followers of Jesus is making disciples. This means that our primary goal should be to see non-believers become disciples of Jesus and to see believers grow in their discipleship.  On August 28th, Shane Shaddix, Pastor for Discipleship at Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC, unpacked what it looks like to create a culture of discipleship and gave us some practical tools and methods to go about fulfilling our mission of making disciples in our church and leading others to do the same. This is a two-part series.

"Evangelism For Everyday People"

In this episode, Chris Clark, Jeff Lawrence, Audra Swindell, and Chace Ifland discuss the nuances of the term, "evangelism" and explore what it looks like for everyday people to grow and embrace the Biblical call to share the good news with our world.

"Why You Matter to the Church"

Chris Clark and Chace Ifland explore some statics in church attendance since COVID hit and take a brief look at what the Bible calls Christians to in the church. Everyone has a role to play!

"Denominations – Where Did They Come From?"

In this Episode, Audra Swindell gives a broad brushstroke view of church denominations – where they came from and how they got started.


In this episode, Audra Swindell spends 10 minutes talking about salvation, how Christians typically talk about it,  what the Bible says about it, and how we can know if we are truly saved.

"Evidence for the Existence of God"
In this 12 minute episode, Chace Ifland explores some of the most helpful evidence we have for God's existence. If you are exploring the Bible's claims or the evidence for God, this short episode will encourage you and deepen your faith.
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"How Do I Know I Can Trust the Bible?"

In this first 13 minute episode, Chace Ifland talks through some helpful ways to grow our understanding of where the Bible came from and how we can trust what it teaches.