Gather Around the Table | A New Sermon Series

Maybe this sounds like you.

You know there is more to life than just checking off your to-do list, but you still find yourself chasing the next thing. Whether your next thing is the next diaper, the next appointment, the next email, the next sporting event, or the next million, you keep running.

At the same time, you long for a meaningful life and deep relationships with others. You care about people. Not everyone, but at least some of them. You may even feel a little guilty about not having time for others. It just seems like our busy-sick world works against real connection.

Maybe it’s time to reclaim an ancient idea.

2000 years ago, an invitation was given: “Love your neighbor.” Jesus’ call transcends time and place. It worked then. It will work now.

In this series, we will look at how we can love our neighbors as we gather around the table. The old word for this is hospitality, although we tend to think of that differently today. When you study the way Jesus lived, it’s amazing how much life took place around a table sharing a meal. The table is the place where food is passed, jokes are told, laughter is heard, and hearts are opened. Join us for the Gather Around the Table series as we look at how to live out this mission of love in our day. We meet every Sunday at 10:30 AM inside Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

At the end of this sermon series, we will be gathering around tables together throughout the city. RSVP to host or attend a gathering here.