Group Life Spotlight | Brett G.

We asked Brett to tell us about his experience with his Redemption Group (Wright Group). Thanks, Brett, for sharing your story!

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Is there any one particular thing that you look forward to the most about being part of the group?

I can count on being spiritually fulfilled every time we have group. I know that regardless of what we do or talk about in community, the time together and prayer time is going to fill me spiritually. Practically, some days are better than others for what you get out of it, but it is always great to spend time together. I love hearing my group members’ perspectives on the subject and how the Holy Spirit speaks to them. Sharing those things with the group impacts you: how the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and how you are able to share that with others. That spiritual fulfillment in that community is the best part.

You have shared that you did not always grow up in church. Were there any hesitations about attending a small group?

There was a lot of hesitation. We were in another group when we lived in Kansas City, and after that, there was hesitation about joining a small group. That group was about Bible study, who knew more, and you may be asked questions that you couldn’t answer. Those fears that sink into your head if you are new and don’t have a strong theological background, but that that not what our Redemption Group is about at all. It is so much more; it’s really a time to improve on those things and walk with others. I realized that everybody else is in the same boat, and they are working through it too.

What is about Redemption Group that helped you take a step forward in your walk with God, relationships with family, and others?

Brett2The demonstration of prayer that the leaders have brought has taken our prayer life deeper as a group and has made the biggest impact on me. The leadership demonstrated what it looks like to take it to a deeper level spiritually in prayer. Praying for one another and confession of our own needs has made me more comfortable praying for somebody at work, if that came up, or my own family, wife, and my kids. Once I overcame that awkwardness, it felt that freedom to pray for those things. That has probably been the biggest part of our group life that has impacted me the most.