Group Life Spotlight | Spencer C.

We asked Spencer to tell us about his experience with his Redemption Group. Thanks, Spencer, for sharing your story!

Paden Group | Sundays at 5pm | Meets near Sorghum Mill & Kelly (map) | Email Leader

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SpencerHow has being a part of your Redemption Group helped you grow as a follower of Jesus?

We all come from different backgrounds, but we have similarities on children, marriage and things of that nature. For me personally, I have learned from the fathers in our group by watching them work with their children, love their children, and love their spouse. It has made me be a better spouse and prepared me for the future if God blesses us with children. I have these great men in my life that I can go to, to help me prepare for the future as a spouse, as well as a father. This has helped me become a better Christian through our group. Not only for myself, but for my wife. Some members suggested I could help get the student ministry launched at Redemption Church. I knew that there was something out there that needed my effort. The people at group encouraged me, “You’d be great at doing this.” It is tremendous to see what it takes to get a youth ministry off the ground. It has been a blessing to me to have people encourage me, saying, “We think this would be a great spot for you.” That is what has encouraged me to put in a lot of effort into the student ministry launch at church.

Talk about those moments at Redemption Group when you get to discuss and share with the group. Has that been helpful?

When we start talk about the biblical application for our lives, that is where we begin the discussion portion of group night, which is a great thing. We are all different, but it applies to every one differently, and it is nice to see how certain applications work in different ways. It doesn’t all have to be so rigid. It doesn’t have to be one way; it applies to each person’s life differently so we can all get to the same end goal. When someone has a question in how to apply it, it’s great because you have all these other experiences on what worked or didn’t work for them. We all know that we have stumbled and fallen short, and we are encouraged on how to apply the application properly to our lives.

What would you say to the person who is not sure about joining a Redemption Group?

Try it out. Give it a month. You need to find the right group that will work best with you. Give that group some time to work with you, and you with them. No one feels comfortable the first time with anything. You will reap the benefits of having these relationships in the small group and the church. These relationships will provide you with a better understanding of where Redemption Church is going, what it can offer you, and what impact church and group will have on your life.


Click here for a list of all our current Redemption Groups!