This workshop is open to anyone in the church who is interested or wants to grow as a leader, and it is expected for our group leaders and serve team leaders. We will meet in person at Vintage Church and on our live stream from 9:00 AM -11:00 AM.

We want to be a church that values and pursues the biblical call to leadership, so we have created a pathway for anyone to begin walking toward the call to lead others as followers of Jesus. To fulfill our mission, we must seek this goal together. For sure, pastors play a role in building up the body, but the Bible is clear — the participation of each member is essential to our growth and maturity. We each have different gifts and capacities, and we all contribute to the mission! Of our members, some will grow in sharing their faith with a family member or friend, some will become deacons, some will become elders, and some may go on to plant new churches. This kind of all-in participation is remarkable in a church!

The Leadership Pathways workshop will walk through what a typical pathway looks like for a Redemption Church member to grow as a leader. We will discuss what it means to grow as disciples in our leadership, how to take practical next steps toward becoming a group leader, serve team leader, deacon, or elder. We will also discuss what it looks like for current leaders to train up future leaders in all these areas of ministry.

This session will be led by

Jeff Lawrence - Lead Pastor

Chris Clark - Worship & Arts Pastor

Audra Swindell - Ministry Coordinator

Chace Ifland - Community Coordinator

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