Message: “Descent of the Spirit, Ascent of the Church” from Jeff Lawrence

Chace Ifland - April 2, 2023

Colaboring with God in Prayer

Acts - Glad Hearts, Bold Church

Do you ever wonder if God is sovereign why do we need to pray? Or whether or not your prayers make any difference in the world? Prayer is a mystery that we'll never fully wrap our minds around but the Bible teaches that our prayers do matter and that our prayers are one of the means God uses to bring about his purposes in the world.

From Series: "Acts - Glad Hearts, Bold Church "

Taking a journey through the book of Acts, we see how God began the movement known as his church. We will see how the church was born, how it grew, and how it thrived in the face of strong opposition. We will see that as hearts become glad by the gospel, the church becomes bold in the mission of God. And all along the way, we will be encouraged to join God on this mission.

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