Message: “Firsthand Faith” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - September 17, 2023

First Over All

Who is Jesus to you? Many people think of Jesus as a positive influence, a great philosopher, a wise friend, a freedom fighter, or a kind humanitarian. In this famous passage, we see Jesus the cosmic Christ who is far more than a good human — he is a divine human. We learn that we need to know who Jesus really is and what he’s done for us so that we can discover who we really are and all that Jesus wants for us.

From Series: "Alive Together: A Study of Colossians"

Where do you seek “the good life”? Romance? Career? Kids? Sports? Money? Attention? But what if you discovered that these things only flourish fully when lived in light of the greatest thing? In Colossians, we see Jesus Christ exalted above all else. When our lives are connected to Christ, we are “made alive together” to experience new humanity, new freedom, new identity, new character, new relationships. In this series, we are asking one revolutionary question: is Jesus Christ first in your life?

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