Message: “The Lord Is By Your Side” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - June 14, 2020

"Disruption at the Well"

John 4

From Series: "Scattered Together "

What is the church — really? For many, this season of isolation during the Covid-19 crisis has raised questions about the nature of the church and why we do what we do. For example, if we aren’t allowed to enter a church building or permitted to hold large public events, does that mean we are no longer a church? In the month of June, we will be preaching a series called “Scattered Together” as we explore some essentials of church community. We want to go beyond what christian culture says about church to discuss God’s heart for his people. Is it possible that God wants to use this season to remind us of his great purpose for us in the world? In the series, we will explore how love is the distinguishing mark of the Christian, how everyone matters to Jesus, why it is important for everyone to be known by others, and how the “one another” verses of the Bible drive us toward healthy, honest, God-honoring relationships.

Discussion Notes

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