Message: “Trusting God With the Hard Stuff of Life” from Chace Ifland

Jeff Lawrence - October 2, 2022

How Pierced Hearts Become Glad Hearts

Acts - Glad Hearts, Bold Church

This Sunday, we look at the first gospel presentation in the history of the church. In a striking speech, Peter describes incredible promises which are available for all people, even those who are far from God, but the promises only come to those who call out for help from Jesus. Upon hearing this message, many are cut to the heart with conviction, and three thousand souls come to experience new life in Christ.

From Series: "Acts - Glad Hearts, Bold Church "

Taking a journey through the book of Acts, we see how God began the movement known as his church. We will see how the church was born, how it grew, and how it thrived in the face of strong opposition. We will see that as hearts become glad by the gospel, the church becomes bold in the mission of God. And all along the way, we will be encouraged to join God on this mission.

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