Message: “What is Love?” from Caleb Holmes

Caleb Holmes - July 14, 2024

The Lord Our Hope

Ever feel out of your depth? Like there is no way out of the hurt, fear, and brokenness? For many of us, it feels like the night will never turn to day and we're stuck in the situation at hand. What do we do? Join us on Sunday as we unpack a reason for hope - not just for today or tomorrow, but for eternity. 

From Series: "Ascending the Ancient Path: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent"

In contrast to our instant-everything world, spiritual growth is a slow, winding journey on the long road to a God-given destination. Christians often use the metaphor of a journey to describe what it’s like to move toward maturity in life with God. In ancient times, the people of God would literally travel together on the road to Jerusalem for worship. Since the city was at the highest elevation in the region, they ascended on this pilgrimage path. Along the way, they sang psalms which became known as the Songs of Ascent. Join us this summer as we travel through these ancient songs to find time-tested direction for our own journey with God and his people.

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