Missional Living | Super Bowl Sunday


This Sunday, we have an opportunity for missional living in community with others. We can come alongside others and learn, laugh, celebrate, pray, and share life. We can live on mission throughout the week wherever we go. We have an opportunity for missional living this Sunday as we gather in our homes to watch the Super Bowl. Will you invite a friend into your community this Sunday?

Jesus told his disciples, “As the father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” We take this charge very seriously. We live intentionally in our community connecting with our neighbors, co-workers and classmates. In these relationships, we proclaim the redemption available in Jesus and demonstrate what life with Jesus is like. Rather than doing church as a once-a-week meeting under a steeple, we live on mission throughout the week wherever we go. We want to build bridges into our community and form partnerships with others who are doing good in our world. God compels us to mobilize ministries and missional efforts both locally and globally. Mission is not just for a few people–we are all called to fulfill Jesus’ mission. This week, who can you share with about the redemption available in Jesus?