On Saturday morning, July 23rd, the Portable Church company will be delivering our second trailer with our newly purchased equipment! We will have a chance to spend time with their expert technicians and learn how to integrate our new equipment with our existing equipment. We will be adding some new cases (armoires on wheels), re-arranging some cases, setting up some new pipe and drape, hanging some new signs, and learning how to use our new worship space lighting! This is a great time to jump in and get a taste of how our serve teams work to make Redemption happen week in and week out. It is exciting, life giving, and incredibly encouraging to see how a group of people come together and transform a school into a church. Serve teams are a contagious serving environment where people genuinely make a difference by each playing a role on the team.

WHEN: Saturday, July 23rd


WHERE: John Ross Elementary

We can’t wait to get you connected!


 “One person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something.”