Ephesians is a deeply significant and beautiful book. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#Ephesians #church #TheMysteryofUs”]The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge referred to Ephesians as “the divinest composition of man.”[/inlinetweet] Another person called it the “crown jewel of the New Testament.” Ephesians is also an immediately relevant and applicable book, dealing with our personal identity, life-purpose, marriage, parenting, work-life, and spiritual health.

Two big themes are revealed in Ephesians: (1) Christ and (2) the church. The title of our sermon series, “The Mystery of Us,” combines these two themes. Six times in Ephesians, the writer of the book, Paul, uses the word mystery to describe the divine breakthrough of God’s grace that occurred in Jesus. It is the central event in the eternal plan of God, and each of us have personally benefited from the cosmic triumph of God’s son. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#Ephesians #church #TheMysteryofUs”]One of the great blessings Jesus gave us is the church. In Christ, you and me have become we[/inlinetweet]. We were all brought into the body of Christ, the church, with Christ as the head over us all. In Ephesians, the church is a beautiful and glorious thing. As God’s people, we are the workmanship of God–God’s work of art–and the dwelling place of God. The church exists to the praise of God’s glory–the stage on which God shows off. It is even said that the angels are in awe of God’s work in his church.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#Ephesians #church #TheMysteryofUs”]Join us for this study of Ephesians as we explore the mystery of God’s sovereign grace at work in us, the church.[/inlinetweet]


Recommended Resources

For personal or group study: 
Ephesians: Building a Community of Christ Bible Study – by John Stott
English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible

For more in depth study: 
Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ – R. Kent Hughes
The Message of Ephesians – by John R. W. Stott