New Year’s Reflections

Our New Year’s Eve sermon looked at a time in the life of Elijah where he needed to hit pause for a time of reflection. In these events, we see Elijah at his best and at his worst, but God is faithful to him in both places. Just like Elijah needed to pause for rest and renewal, we need to do the same.

Through Elijah’s experiences, we saw that God will care for us on our good days and our bad days. God will be there for us when we are confident and when we doubt. God is present with us when we are serving him faithfully and when we are running in fear. That means we don’t have to put on airs, we don’t have too pretend to be someone we aren’t. We can be honest with God and ask him to care for us as he did Elijah. One way we can apply this is to stop and reflect on where we are currently, trusting that God’s love for us is not at stake. 

To help us reflect, we’ve created a New Year’s Reflections worksheet to help you look back on 2017 and look ahead to 2018. We hope this helps you talk with God and trust God’s love more deeply as you head into a new year.

You can download the worksheet here: New Year’s Reflections Worksheet

If you missed the sermon, you can listen here: Rhythms of Rest and Renewal or subscribe to our podcast. The sermon will help you connect with the worksheet and aid in your time reflection.