Personal Growth Guide

Redemption Church exists to make authentic followers of Jesus who live for the glory of God and the good of our world.  We believe that following Jesus is a lifelong process of walking faithfully with our God. Whether it’s the simple stresses of everyday life, good things that demand our attention, personal hardships, or the overwhelming amount of temptations to sin, choosing to follow Jesus is hard!

When any kind of outside pressure pushes on us, we see what we’re made of on the inside.  Life is filled with ups and downs and God’s Word invites us to build our lives upon him so that we will be like trees planted by streams of water whose leaves do not wither (Psalm 1). At Redemption, we want to help you build this kind of life for your good, God’s glory, and so that others will take note and be invited into life with God as well. We believe that, over time, our pursuit of God will move us toward maturity and give us a storehouse of godly wisdom, nourishment, and resilience. This guide is designed to help you develop that kind of life—a deep, meaningful life in Christ.  Do you want to be a person who, when pushed on, has a storehouse of godly wisdom and nourishment from which to pull?  Because this is the kind of person that makes others take note.  They want to know why you’re different.  They want to know why the hard things that are intersecting your life aren’t turning you upside down.  Very few people respond to hard times with grace and wisdom and when you see it, it’s truly compelling.

That’s why we created a Personal Growth Guide. We hope that you’ll download this resource and spend some time with it this New Year.

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