Midday Prayer Gatherings

In his book, A Praying Life, Paul Miller says, “American culture is probably the hardest place in the world to learn to pray. We are so busy that when we slow down to pray, we find it uncomfortable. We prize accomplishments, production. But prayer is nothing but talking to God. It feels useless, as if we are wasting time. Every bone in our bodies scream, ‘Get to work.'”

When we read about the life of Jesus, we find that He too knew something about business and prayer. He was inundated with meal invitations, meeting requests, travel plans, and relational crises at every turn in his ministry. Yet his closest friends would often find him disappearing to pray. If the Son of God found that prayer was essential to carry out His work, then what should that say about us? Aren’t we to be just as dependent, if not more so?

We want to follow Jesus’ example and be a praying people. So wherever you are in your faith journey, will you consider making prayer a priority with us? This Spring, we are gathering to pray from 12 PM to 1 PM, every Wednesday afternoon at our church office. This is open to everyone. We will provide coffee and water as well as some helpful resources for you. We know that the lunch hour can be tight. You are welcome to jump in for the full hour or for as much as your time allows. Together we will pray for the needs of our church, our city, and our world.

Prayer Gatherings

Wednesdays | 12 PM – 1 PM 

Redemption Church Office | 111 N. Broadway, Suite C. Edmond, OK 73034