Praying Our Way Home: Week Five

Praying Our Way Home

As we prepare to move into our new building, we want to spend the weeks leading up to our move praying boldly and expectantly for God to use our church and our new space to build his kingdom in Edmond, Oklahoma and around the world. To help guide your prayers, we will release weekly prayer guides each week leading up to officially opening our new building. These prayer guides will be focused on kingdom prayer.

Kingdom-centered prayer…

1. is focused on God’s presence and God’s kingdom.

– different from intercessory prayer, which is focused on specific needs

2. is bold and specific.

– believe that God can do mighty things in us

– if it helps, quote scripture back to God; pester God with his own promises

3. is prevailing, corporate prayer.

– pray together, pray alone

– pray long, pray hard, pray without ceasing

4. calls for corporate repentance and longing for God

– accompanied by (and based on) enormous hope


WEEK FIVE – Pray for God’s glory to be known & God’s kingdom to reign. Pray…

that God’s kingdom will fill the earth and that many will live in the hope of His coming.

that Christ’s power will be seen in the humility and compassionate service of His people.

that Jesus will be honored openly, worshiped, and glorified in Edmond and around the world.

that people will be captured by the glory, beauty, and mystery God’s presence.

that all people will order their lives under the truth, morality, and values of God’s kingdom.

that Jesus will return and establish His kingdom on Earth.