Residencies and Internships

Are you a humble, courageous leader with a hunger to grow and a love for The Church? Do you have a strong desire to be a servant-leader for God’s glory in the Edmond-Oklahoma City metro area and around the world? Do you want a hands-on learning experience that will effectively prepare you to launch into your next phase of life?

Want to Intern or Become a Resident?

If so, we would love for you to apply as a resident or intern. Residencies and Internships invite men and women into a season of intentional training for a missional life. Paid and volunteer roles are available in this season of training. For paid roles, each person will be responsible for raising their salary and benefits for their period of training, while Redemption Church will invest financially through training, ministry expenses, materials, conferences, and more. Redemption Church will provide training for support-raising to the candidate upon acceptance. If you would like to apply as a resident or intern, please complete our application (click HERE) to initiate this process.

Are you interested in one of the following roles?

  • Pastor
  • Worship Pastor
  • Communications Ministry (social media, film, story telling)
  • Student Ministry
  • Kids Ministry
  • Groups and Discipleship
  • Ministry Connection and Mobilization
  • Executive or Associate Pastor


Learn vocational ministry under the guidance of a supervisor as you play a significant role in helping to lead a Redemption Church ministry. Explore the depths of a particular ministry area under the close mentorship of Redemption Church leadership. Residencies typically last one, two, or three years. A residency is typically reserved for a college graduate, though exceptions may be made. It may be coupled with the pursuit of a seminary, masters or doctoral degree. The program functions much like any other professional residency would. We give real-world, practical teaching and training to emerging church leaders. It’s a chance for our residents to do ministry, hone their skills and learn how to be most effective for Christ. Our aim is to help you identify and implement the gifts and skills that you have been given for the glory of God and the good of our world.


Have you ever wondered, “How can I make my life count for Jesus’ sake and for His glory?” Join the internship program to experience intentional training for a missional life and consider vocational ministry. Internships will focus on personal character development, leading oneself, self-awareness, a biblical approach and vision for ministry, and life in community. Interns may or may not be heading into full-time ministry, but will gain significant exposure to ministry that will serve them well as leaders in the church whatever career path they choose.

Developing Leaders Who Develop Leaders

We want to develop young leaders who serve our city, make disciples, and bring glory to God both today and in the future. We want to invest in those who will invest in and lead others in the future. As 2 Timothy 2:2 says, “Entrust [these things] to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”


All residencies and internships have the primary focus of leadership development. While some internship programs just put a young leader to work for the good of the organization, our residencies and internships are different. We want to be about equipping and sending men and women to advance the cause of Christ in our world. We want to see you thrive. We are committed to your growth and development in three facets: head, heart, and hands.

  • Head | Doctrine + Theological Development
  • Heart | Character + Affections
  • Hands | Skills + Practice

Learning Environments

  • THEOLOGICAL STUDY: Learn to see the beauty of Christ and become an accurate handler of the Word of God.
  • EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Learning is best done with a specific ministry in mind, along with opportunities for reflection and feedback.
  • COHORT-STYLE DEVELOPMENT: Life change happens best when reflection, cooperative learning and accountability are in community.
  • COACHING & MENTORING: Each cohort has a coach who provides mentorship, gospel counseling, tutoring, advising and shepherding.
  • MINISTRY-SPECIFIC TRAINING: Your navigator will help guide you toward areas of ministry that make sense for your personality, giftedness, passions, and calling.