RSM Parent Meeting

Student Ministry is one of the most exciting and fun ministries in the church filled with a mix bag of events, games, snacks, and pizza. However, student ministry is much more than pizza parties and games. As students mature through middle school and into high school, they are faced with all kinds of decisions, disappointments, and difficulties, and the only hope for them is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hope at Redemption Church is to continue building a student ministry that partners with parents in building a Gospel foundation for students. We have a calendar built-out through the summer and several serve opportunities for parents to get involve even now.

On Sunday, April 29th, we will have a Redemption Student Ministry Parent Meeting from 7-7:30pm at Cheyenne Middle School. This meeting will take place immediately following our church’s Worship & Prayer Night. Our hope is that you would attend the worship and prayer night from 6-7pm, and then join us the Parent meeting from 7-7:30pm.

We hope to meet you, give you look into what RSM will look like in the coming months, give a calendar of events for the summer, and hopefully get your student signed up for RSM Summer Camp.