Servant King Teaching Series Continues | 01.08.2017

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With all of the focus on the life of Jesus, it’s amazing that most people have never really studied what the Bible has to say about the most important figure in human history. In this series, we are exploring Mark’s Gospel in order to learn what we can about this man named Jesus—his claims about himself, his teachings, his actions, his passions, his death, his resurrection, his legacy. 

Of course, we aren’t just interested in gathering some bits of information or general knowledge about an important figure. We each must decide how we are going to respond to Jesus and his claims. Jesus invited us to enter this kingdom, but we can only enter on his terms. If we are to follow this Servant-King, we must entrust our lives to him and seek to learn his way of seeing, his way of loving, his way of being.

Mark’s Gospel is divided into two parts. The first part of the book deals with Jesus’ identity, answering the question: Who is Jesus? The second part of Mark’s book deals with Jesus mission: What did he come to do?

We spent the Fall of 2016 in the first part of Mark, exploring the announcement that God’s kingdom is being established through Jesus. In these passages, we saw the extraordinary activity of Jesus that established both his character and his power as King. In 2017, we will move into the second part of Mark’s book, and we will see clearly how Jesus seeks to fulfill his mission as a Servant King. We will see the stark contrast between the normal ways of life and leadership in our world, and the extraordinary life of Christ. The entire study has immense implications for those who seek to follow Jesus in a life of authentic faith.

Come join us. We meet every Sunday at 10:30 AM inside John Ross Elementary School. John Ross is located at 1901 Thomas Drive, Edmond, Oklahoma.