Team Member Spotlight | Clint L.

We asked Clint to share about serving on both the Redemption Kids and Mobile Church Serve Teams. Thanks, Clint, for sharing your story with us!

How did you hear about Redemption Church?

I heard about Redemption Church from a family member.

What do you enjoy the most about working on your Redemption Serve Team?

Mobile Church: I have the fortune/joy of serving on two teams, one of which is Mobile Church, which helps with set up and tear down. The best thing about working in this task-oriented ministry is the people with whom you work. You work side by side with one or two people and have a great opportunity to visit with them and get to know them. There are also other workers all around serving together with a lot of good conversations happening.

IMG_9957Redemption Kids: There is nothing better than working with children, praying for them week after week, passionately teaching them the Bible, and encouraging them toward a relationship with God. I get to experience kids connecting with each other and God’s Word. I also know that seeds are being planted in their lives, and God will do exciting things in their lives. I especially enjoy serving in this capacity because I get to teach with my wife, and we get to teach two of our own children.

How has serving encouraged your spiritual development?

I think it is sometimes difficult to gage one’s spiritual development. I don’t always know if we are growing or how much, but I know that Jesus had a very high opinion of the church and what it would do after His life on Earth. I know I am supposed to be a part of the church and what it is doing; I know God is growing me as I am obedient to serve in a way that brings Him glory. It is impossible to teach even 1st through 5th grade children without a good working knowledge of the material, without spending time praying for God’s help, and without praying for the children whom you are teaching. I take this responsibility very seriously; therefore, I have grown in my trust and dependency on God.

How has it helped you disciple your own children?

How has being a teacher helped me disciple my own kids? Guess who my kids’ favorite teacher is. Yeah…it’s me. This is discipling my own kids, and I hope to keep doing it even after I become their least favorite teacher. Discipling your children is not an easy task. I often feel like the “bad guy”, and I hate being the bad guy. Serving at church allows me to be obedient to God, and my children can witness my obedience first hand. Many Sundays they are at the church serving alongside me, and my oldest child is now on the greeting team. This is something she asked to do on her own, which excites me greatly.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to be with my family. Whether we are playing, cleaning up, working around the house or in the yard, or having dinner, we are usually having fun together. I also enjoy working in my yard. My family does a pretty good job of having fun all the time; although, my kids might say I have fun making them work. I like being outdoors biking, hiking, walking, and camping. Once or twice a year I get to go on a date with my wife.

What are some fun facts most people do not yet know about you?

I was once asked to be on an aerobics program on a local television station. I have eaten a guinea pig on a mission trip.