Team Member Spotlight | Nathan A.

NathanNathan serves on the Host Team at Redemption Church. Thanks, Nathan, for sharing your story with us!

How did you hear about Redemption Church?
Chris and Erryn Gray.

What do you enjoy the most about working on your Redemption Serve Team?
Working on a Serve Team provides me the privilege to experience the joy serving brings to others, as well as my own. Knowing I’m doing it for others brings me joy. It also allows consistent communication and relationships within the church that foster connections I most likely would not have otherwise.

How has serving encouraged your spiritual development?
It creates a deeper desire internally to develop my relationship with Christ and helps me feel more encouraged to share my experience.

How has it helped you disciple your own children?
It has developed in me confidence, leading by example, consistency, and awareness. I’ve been on the receiving end of information that gives me direction and resources to use that my kids love and understand.

What do you like to do for fun?
Anything outdoors, exercise, movies, concerts occasionally, and family time.

What’s a fun fact most people do not yet know about you?
I’m horrible with taking risks, but I wish I could be an entrepreneur.