Jesus great commission call to “go and make disciples” extends through the millennia to us. If you’ve been around churches much, you’ve probably heard this before, right? But what does this look like for ordinary members of our church? In this 3 minute video, Pastor Jeff talks about a 2000 year old revolutionary concept: the gospel is advanced through multiplication, not addition. In a multiplying church, we focus more on multiplying healthy followers of Jesus than on adding people to our attendance charts. In a multiplying church, progress is more about our sending capacity than our seating capacity. In a multiplying church, the focus is on multiple leaders rather than a single leader. In a multiplying church, leaders equip and empower others to lead. In a multiplying church, we celebrate when God sends someone out to advance His mission.

We will flesh this big idea out more in the days ahead, but we wanted to introduce you to it here. This summer, you will get a glimpse of how the mission of Jesus advances through multiplication. God is still in the business of sending people out on mission for him. Whether it is across the street or across the planet, we believe you are called to be one of those people who are sent.

GO – Summer at Redemption 2015 from Redemption Church on Vimeo.