[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#theGraceofGenerosity”]We were created to be generous—made in the image of a God who first generously created us, but we got sidetracked along the way. [/inlinetweet]Jesus saved us through the generous gift of his life, and his life serves as a model for us.

Some of us put too much faith and confidence in our finances. Others of us are plagued with fear and worry about financial security. Both extremes fall short of God’s design for us. In this series, we will explore God’s invitation to a life of joyful generosity.

We will take three weeks to study a key passage in the New Testament on the grace of generosity. In 2 Corinthians 8:1-12, we see a group of people who learn to love sharing so much that they are begging for the privilege of being a blessing to others. That’s a remarkable freedom few people enjoy.

Along with our sermon series, our groups will be growing through a study of a fantastic resource called The Treasure Principle. We will be giving a free copy of the book to each household who wants a copy for further study. We also have prepared a study guide for our groups to use during this study (Treasure Principle Discussion Questions). We think this tool will equip you with a vision for joyful giving. Books and study guides will be available at the information table. 

     May 15 The Privilege of Generosity
     May 22 The Model of Generosity
     May 29 The Means of Generosity