The Naked Truth: Uncovering God’s Design for Sex and Marriage

New Sermon Series begins November 5th!

Sex is everywhere. Wherever we turn, people are talking about sex.

Too often, the church has chosen to avoid this conversation, at least publicly. Truth is that we often talk about sex…just not at church. We talk about it at the office. We talk about it at the gym. Our students talk about it in the hallways. We just choose not to talk about it at church.

That’s about to change. The time is long overdue for the church to engage in this conversation in a healthy and biblical way. We need guidance. We need direction. We need to uncover the naked truth about God’s design for sex.

In this series, we seek to provide answers to the questions we all ask but typically don’t ask at church. We hope that you will join the conversation.

A NOTE TO PARENTS: This series will be rated PG, so parental guidance is suggested. It may feel PG-13 in some places, but that’s only because the Bible is a PG-13 kind of book. As a father of four, this is a series I would certainly want my 6th and 9th grade students to hear, but it is not a series I would want my 2nd grader to hear. Our kids need age-appropriate guidance in this area of their lives. They have a natural interest and desire to discover what it’s all about. They will find information about sex somewhere. I think it’s best if they view the church and their parents as great sources of wisdom who are not afraid to have this conversation. – Jeff