Transformation, Not Information

Ran across this quote today and was reminded of how important group life is:

“There is a big difference between being informed together about God’s word, and being formed by one another with God’s word.”
– JR Vassar

Our goal is transformation, not information. We want to see Christ formed in us–to become more like Jesus. Groups are our primary means of seeing individual hearts shaped by the gospel, raw emotions engaged with compassion, unhelpful thought patterns confronted with truth, bad habits corrected in gentleness, broken relationships restored by forgiveness, wounded people healed by grace. These things only happen if we are applying God’s Word to real lives and real life situations, and groups are the only place we have set aside completely for this purpose of applying God’s word to individual lives.

In my group this week, I was so encouraged when one member of the group encouraged another from God’s Word in such a helpful way. I was also glad that I had shut up and let someone else talk–her answer was tons better than what I was about to say. I remember thinking as she spoke, “Wow, that’s the best thing anyone could have said in that moment.” I’m glad that God had her in our group to encourage a friend.

In our groups, let’s make sure we continue to pursue real gospel discipleship in the context of healthy relationships. Let’s offer up real prayers for one another banging on the gates of heaven for our brothers’ and sisters’ sake. Let’s make sure the Word of God is forming us rather than trying to form each other with our preferences, petty opinions, personal hangups. We have much to learn from one another as we apply God’s Word to our lives in real ways.

Grateful to be on this journey of life with you. You are teaching me much as we travel together.

Grace to you all,
Pastor Jeff


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