What does it mean to thrive?

We have a lot of experience in getting through life in survival mode; running from one thing to the next. But I don’t think God intended for us to merely survive through life. Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that he came that we would have life and have it abundantly. 

As a church, we want you to experience renewal and to thrive as a follower of Jesus. We believe this happens best in the context of being connected to gospel-centered community that we like to call group life.

Group life helps us discover how the gospel transforms all of our lives. Living life together helps us see how Jesus is better than the comforts, securities, and successes we try to attain. Reorienting our hearts around Jesus and His kingdom frees us from being enslaved to fear and the opinions of others.

In our Redemption Groups, we strive to live out this kind of group life. We want to connect you to a Redemption Group. We want you to benefit from a shared life with others in community. We have groups located throughout the city and on different nights of the week. Check out the map and list here, and find a community to do life with.