Why and how are we called to serve at Redemption?

We’ve been hearing on Sundays about growth. The place where our own growth and our collective growth meet is seen most vividly in the life of our church. When we come together with common purpose and vision we truly are a living Body of Christ.

It’s exciting and humbling to know that God uses normal, everyday people to accomplish spiritual purposes. While serving each other can sometimes look and feel like just a task, we want to call each other to a much deeper and higher vision.  When we teach a child the truths of Scripture, we are a piece of God’s plan for that child to come to understand who He is and how He interacts with his creation.  Serving a cup of coffee, breaking bread, and saying ‘hello’ are all easy tasks, but their spiritual implications are deep and abiding.

When we intentionally take on serving one another in the church, we’re saying that who God is is important. We’re saying that who his people are is important and those who have yet to come to know him are important.  It’s a privilege to be part of this vibrant, living Body.

Below is a chart showing many of the serve opportunities in our church.  We have many opportunities to serve and we know that God has gifted each of us to serve in ways that are life-giving.  Please consider how you’ve been gifted personally and called collectively into our body to serve one another.

On a practical note, we serve on two and four-week rotations.  Our regular rotation is every two weeks, though we’re open to once in a four-week rotation as well.  When looking at the chart, note the areas and openings but don’t focus on which week.  We’re glad to work with you on personal preferences you have (like serving alongside a spouse, child, etc.).

For further explanation of roles, please see the attached Volunteer Roles document or feel free to contact Audra Swindell.  We want to make serving a fun and fulfilling part of your spiritual growth.  You are always welcome to ask questions!

Please contact Audra Swindell, Redemption’s Ministry Coordinator, about where you’d like to serve.

Audra Swindell I Ministry Coordinator
Redemption Church