Why Do We Do Family Worship?

We have many ages and stages and backgrounds in our church, and we value the robust nature of these differences.  We recognize that we must balance our value of being together with age-appropriate experiences.  Part of achieving that balance means that we intentionally set aside times when we want to come together as a church family in corporate worship.

We’ve identified six Sundays a year that we invite kids from Pre-K through Elementary to join in corporate worship.  Part of training up a child in the way that he/she should go is leading by example.  When our children see us worship, they are making a connection between the parent they see at home with a parent who is also a child of God and part of a worshiping community of believers.  We want to expose our kids to the forms we use to express our worship: song, fellowship, giving, Communion, and Scripture-teaching.  These are forms we want to begin to build into their minds and hearts as important avenues for our spiritual health. 

Since a healthy life of faith consists of both an outward and inward expression of faith, we see Family Worship days as a way to start a conversation with kids to let these things intersect naturally.  We want to nurture healthy worship in the next generation. We hope that the adults, parents, and leaders in our church will see these days as opportunities to share why corporate worship is important for all of us.

Goals of Family Worship:

  • Guide the younger generation to see a whole, healthy expression of worship
  • Show the importance of corporate worship for a healthy life of faith
  • Manifest the need for worship at every age and stage
  • Teach how we express our worship specifically as Redemption Church