Your Story, God’s Story: 
Seeing the Hand of God in Everyday Life

Everyone has a story. Each story is full of high points and hard times. We each have a heritage with the good and bad that comes with it, and we each have heroes who showed us how to live well. But there is another aspect of our stories which we often overlook: the hand of God.

We believe God wants to meet us in the real places of our lives. He redeems us from sin, rescues us from trials, restores our broken places, refines our desires, and redirects our hopes. We want to help you recognize the hand of God in your life journey, and increase your faith in his work in you.

We are formed by our stories but not defined by them. In the Bible and in our experience, we see the importance of recognizing the forces that shape your life and bringing those under the guidance of God. It’s become trendy in our day for people to deconstruct their faith, but we think there is a better way to explore the tension points in our lives — what if we did the deep work of unpacking our stories to see how God wants to shape our journey for the future?

Join us beginning September 12th, as we kick-off our new series and discover how God brings redemption, meaning and purpose to our stories.

Print the Engage Your Story guide.