Message: “Deep Discipleship” from Chace Ifland

Chace Ifland - January 8, 2023

Deep Discipleship

The New Year is a natural time to evaluate areas of our lives and make changes for the upcoming year. The most popular changes are always about saving more money, exercising more frequently, and eating healthier, but reflecting on and refocusing our spiritual life doesn't always feel like as high of a priority. But the Parable of the Ten Minas from Luke 19 shows us why our investment in our spiritual life is incredibly important and why a process of evaluating our spiritual life and making changes in the New Year is healthy for our walk with Jesus.

From Series: "Deep, Meaningful Life"

The new year invites us to renew and refocus our lives. Our vision statement at Redemption is to help everyday people wake up to deep, meaningful life in Christ. This January, we will traverse Jesus’ teaching about how to cultivate such a life through several parables recorded in the Gospel of Luke. If you would like to grow your life in 2023, this series will get you started in the way of Jesus.

Yearly Discipleship Plan

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