Message: “New Creations at Home and Work” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - November 12, 2023

New Creations at Home and Work

Alive Together: A Study of Colossians

How does new life in Christ affect our relationships? This week, we explore the ways in which being made alive together in Christ works out in everyday life — in our family and in our work. When Jesus is at the center of our relational world, it transforms and reorders everything under his leadership.

From Series: "Alive Together: A Study of Colossians"

Where do you seek “the good life”? Romance? Career? Kids? Sports? Money? Attention? But what if you discovered that these things only flourish fully when lived in light of the greatest thing? In Colossians, we see Jesus Christ exalted above all else. When our lives are connected to Christ, we are “made alive together” to experience new humanity, new freedom, new identity, new character, new relationships. In this series, we are asking one revolutionary question: is Jesus Christ first in your life?

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