Message: “On the Road Again” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - April 21, 2024

On the Road Again

Have you ever made such a mess in your life that you wondered if God was done with you? After a dark season of spiritual drift in Jacob’s life, God intervenes again. Over and over in Jacob’s journey, God’s relentless grace seeks Jacob out. This week, we are reminded that the Lord pursues us wherever we go, keeps his promises, and invites us to dwell with Him. Note: Please note that this chapter includes tragic events which are difficult to consider, including sexual assault, deceit, malicious use of religious ritual, and murder. It might be helpful to read Genesis 34 in advance of Sunday’s sermon, especially if you plan to bring children into worship.

From Series: "Relentless Grace: The Life of Jacob"

Most of us believe in God’s grace—at least in theory. But we often struggle to trust it in our everyday lives, so we live with by an internal scoreboard of our successes and failures. Yet over and over again, God uses messy and sinful people (like us) to fulfill his plans. This series follows the life of Jacob as it wanders a twisted path filled with grasping, striving, and deceit as well as redemption, blessing, and beauty. We will see how the gospel triumphs as he learns to lean upon God rather than self. Through his journey, we will learn to grapple with our own shortcomings as we live by faith in God’s relentless grace.

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