Message: “The Hospitality of Attention” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - August 13, 2023

The Hospitality of Attention

In our busy-sick world, hurry and worry often distract us from the most important things like love of neighbor, which requires us to stop and take notice of another person’s worth. This week, we will see the power of giving our full attention to others.

From Series: "Welcome Home: God, Hospitality, & How to Change the World"

Does this sound like you? You long for a meaningful life and deep relationships with others. You feel a little guilty about not having more time for others, but life feels too busy chasing the next thing—next text, next meeting, next sporting event, next career move. Maybe it’s time to reclaim an ancient idea. 2000 years ago, an invitation was given: “Love your neighbor.” The old word for this is hospitality. When you study the way Jesus lived, it’s amazing how many significant moments occurred as he encountered men and women in the everyday stuff of life. Join us for this series about the simplest way to change the world. It worked then. It will work now.

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