Message: “The Work of the Spirit ” from Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence - October 24, 2021

The Work of the Spirit

When we think about our salvation, we most immediately think about Jesus (as we should!), but what role does the Holy Spirit play in our salvation and spiritual life? The Bible tells us that we are born of the Spirit, sealed by the Spirit, washed by the regeneration and renewal of the Spirit, and more. This sermon, we will explore what the Bible says about the work of the Spirit in our lives.

From Series: "The Holy Spirit - The forgotten third person of the trinity."

Among the foundational tenets of Christianity, the Holy Spirit is among the most misunderstood. What the Bible says about the Spirit seems mysterious and difficult to incorporate into our daily lives, and much confusion about the Spirit exists in our world. This fall, our new teaching series will deepen our theological and spiritual understanding of the Holy Spirit: who the Spirit is, what the Spirit does, and what difference the Spirit makes in our lives.

Discussion Notes

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